Grand Marina Saigon, located in Bason, is the perfect collaboration between two real estate giants: Masterise Group and Marriott International. The luxury condominium project, Grand Marina in District 1, will provide customers with “an everyday experience of international luxury standards – a true global benchmark right here in Vietnam.” Currently, Masterise Homes is selling luxury apartment units in Lake Tower, Sea Tower, Cove Tower, and Lagoon Tower.



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Grand Marina Saigon is located in the heart of the city, with a long and winding wooden promenade that follows the historic river.


Grand Marina Ba Son boasts a “4-in-1” view: the Saigon River view, the direct view of the Bitexco building, the view of Thao Cam Vien, and the view of Landmark 81.


At the present time, Grand Marina Saigon can be considered a “1 0 2” project with a prime location and potential for increasing long-term value.

Grand Marina Saigon introduction video


A Unique Global Asset


Grand Marina Saigon project is the first Branded Residence with Marriott and JW Marriott brands in Vietnam, contributing to creating an important mark in the development of the country. The project is considered a symbol of longevity and prosperity for owners at a prime location on the Saigon River in the heart of District 1.


The luxury Grand Marina Ba Son apartment project is designed and planned to become an exclusive high-end complex in accordance with the planning of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Architecture. According to the plan, the Ba Son port area will maximize the advantages of the Saigon River banks to form green parks, entertainment areas, and community spaces.

Located in a “one-of-a-kind” position, the Grand Marina Saigon super project fully possesses the most luxurious advantages, creating unforgettable moments for a sophisticated lifestyle that is first introduced in Vietnam. The project is surrounded by the splendor of tranquil green vegetation, the peaceful Saigon River banks, and a collection of carefully designed art pieces that evoke history and look towards the future, all on the foundation of perfect convenience with a system of luxurious shopping centers and restaurants.

Name of project: Grand Marina branded apartments
Location: No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh.
Investment unit: Masterise Homes – Member of Masterise Group
International Partners: Marriott International, AB Concept, Atkins, Aurecon, HBA, Mace
Product Positioning: The first branded residences in Vietnam, offering 365 days of experience at a 5-star Marriott International hotel
Construction general: Delta& Newtecons
Management and Operation: Marriott International
Distributor: Thuan Hung Group
Type of apartment: Studio, 1PN, 1PN+, 2PN, 3PN, DualKey, Penhouse
Project scale:  10hecta, including 8 towers with more than 4,200 super luxury apartments
Project Legal:  Full legal
Ownership: Vietnamese own long-term, foreigners (NNN) own 50 years.
Project status: Open for sale at Sea, Lake, Cove
  • Lake Tower: 14,000 – 16,000 USD/m²
  • Cove Tower: 17.000 – 18.000USD/m²
  • Sea Tower: 18.000 – 20.000USD/m²


Grand Marina Saigon is located at 2 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ward Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The project is situated in the Ba Son port area, one of the three largest ports in Saigon (Tan Cang, Ba Son, Khanh Hoi), with two frontages on Nguyen Huu Canh Street intersecting with Ton Duc Thang and the Saigon River.

Located at the position marked ‘102’, Grand Marina Saigon promises to be a symbol of prosperity and new vitality not only for the nation but also for the Southeast Asia region. With a vast river view on both sides and a unique scenery overlooking the greenery of Thao Cam Vien Park, Grand Marina Saigon allows residents to immerse themselves in the peaceful scenery along the prosperous river or visit the cultural and commercial centers of the city – the international hub of Vietnam – in just a few minutes.


Grand Marina Saigon is located at No. 2 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City. Masteries Ba Son is a part of Ba Son port, which is one of the three largest ports in Saigon (named as Tan Cang, Ba Son, Khanh Hoi) with 2 frontages of Nguyen Huu Canh road intersecting with the frontage of Ton Duc Thang road and Saigon River.

Located at a “102” position, Grand Marina Saigon promises to be a symbol of new prosperity and splendor not only for the country but also for the Southeast Asia region. With a sweeping view of the Saigon River on two sides and a unique landscape overlooking the greenery of Thao Cam Vien, Grand Marina Saigon allows residents to immerse themselves in the peaceful scenery beside the prosperous river or reach the city’s cultural and commercial centers – the international focus of Vietnam – in just a few minutes.

Grand Marina Saigon with series of the most modern handover

Masterise Ba Son project has a total area of ​​​​more than 10 hectares stretching across the Saigon River. Ba Son Port is one of the three largest ports (Tan Cang, Ba Son, Khanh Hoi) of the city. HCM remains.

Grand Marina Saigon adheres to a strict set of international standards, including sound insulation according to STC 55, fire safety standards according to ASTM (Lake Tower) and NFPA (Cove, Lagoon, Sea Towers), 2-layer glass windows according to 5-star hotel standards, building maintenance unit system, central air conditioning system that cools with water vapor, and many other modern and state-of-the-art standards that can only be found at Grand Marina.

Masterise Ba Son with elite privileges


The Masterise Ba Son – Grand Marina complex in Saigon offers world-class amenities and services with the highest luxurious lifestyle. The dedicated and professional staff are ready to support the individual needs of the owners.


Masterise Homes, a member of the Masterise Group, is a pioneer in the development, operation, management of premium real estate products and services. We constantly apply high-class standards to our development and commit that only providing the best quality in both products and services in order to bring customers great experience. – A MEMBER COMPANY OF MASTERISE GROUP

Masterise Homes Investor Introduction Video

The aim of sustainable development and commitment to providing customers with the best quality luxury apartment products, to build an ideal living space and upscale for residents at Masterise Grand Ba Son, Masterise Homes has chosen to cooperate with reputable units in the industry to ensure comprehensive, continuous and timely investment.

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Marriott International & Masterise Homes: Joint venture to build Branded Residences in Vietnam.

Vietnam is an attractive destination to invest by Multinational Corporations and Worldwide Enterprises.

Along with that is the rapid increase of the wealthy class in the country, which is an opportunity for the rich to own real estate with international brands to assert their position not only limited to Vietnam but also reaching globally.

Maximize your power at Grand Marina

Masterise Homes and Marriott International have recently signed a comprehensive and long-term strategic cooperation agreement with plans to build the Branded Residences product line in Vietnam.

As a leading global hotel group, Marriott International will leverage its strengths and experience to partner with Masterise Homes in maximizing the potential of both parties, creating the Branded Residences product line in Vietnam. This will be the largest Branded Residence project under the Marriott brand in the world. This is a prominent highlight for the real estate market in Vietnam in particular and the regional market in general, elevating Vietnam to a global hotspot.

Masterise Homes expert shares the Design Language of LAKE Tower


The Marriott brand at Lake Tower has begun its operation

“Shower” of compliments from valued residents for the Marriott luxury apartment complex – Grand Marina, Saigon

Information regarding the collaboration between Masterise Homes and Marriott International is expected to bring a global perspective to the real estate market in Vietnam, accelerating the rapid development of luxury residential products at Grand Marina Saigon and The Grand Hanoi, increasing investment attractiveness both domestically and internationally, boosting the economy, and establishing a distinctive position for Vietnam. Particularly, it elevates the living experience for the elite with full adherence to global standards.

Progressing from quality of life to real estate value

In the world, the branded residences model in the city center has undergone a decade of rapid growth. Over the past decade, the number of branded residences has increased by 170%, with over 52,000 units across 370 projects. International hotel brands have also begun to join the game, with Marriott International leading the way as one of the world’s largest branded residence developers, operating projects in 17 countries and territories and expanding its international investment portfolio.

Representatives of the Marriott Group visited Grand Marina, Saigon.

Grand Marina, Saigon is the result of a close collaboration between Masterise Homes and Marriott International to create the first luxury real estate complex of the group in Vietnam. Recently, representatives of Marriott International visited the project, including Ms. Jennifer Cronin, Vice President of Global Development; Ms. Amanda Altree, Vice President of Development and Real Estate Marketing Communications; Ms. Penny Trinh, Senior Development Director of Asia-Pacific; and Ms. Anna Le, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager of Real Estate Development in the Asia-Pacific region.


Each apartment at Grand Marina, Saigon is a paradise with exquisite and unique design that bears the owner’s personal touch. The living space is spacious and furnished with high-end materials such as onyx, wood, glass, and stone. The large bathroom is decorated with onyx stone and fitted with Kohler and Gessi fixtures, while the kitchen offers a diverse range of designs from minimalist and serene aesthetics to luxurious and extravagant styles. Each space is perfectly designed to provide lifelong comfort for residents.

Going beyond the limits of defining the luxury life, the LEGACY collection offers a new choice for a distinguished lifestyle for homeowners. The LEGACY collection represents the epitome of sophistication for wealthy and stylish homeowners. Bringing the best of the best, these mansions are a symbol of wealth for the global elite, to be passed down to future generations.

With the LEGACY collection, owners have a range of options for their residence in the five unique towers of Lagoon Tower, Cove Tower, Sea Tower, Spring Tower, and Bay Tower, all of which come with integrated luxury services from Marriott Residences.

With diverse space designs, ranging from spacious apartments to penthouses, each unit in the collection is equipped with the highest standards, luxurious interior design, and a stunning panoramic view of the Saigon River and the majestic city from a private balcony. Bringing the pinnacle of living experiences, these premium villas will become a valuable asset and an iconic legacy for future generations.

47-storey building

04 basements
02 floors of shops
02 utility floors
Link Google Drive fully designed Cove Building:

47-storey building

03 basements
02 utility floors
Link Google Drive fully designed Lake Building:

45-storey building

04 basements
02 floors of shops
02 utility floors
Link Google Drive fully designed Lagoon Building:

47-storey building

04 basements
02 floors of shops
02 utility floors
Link Google Drive design full Sea Tower:

Immersing in the philosophy of “Contemporary first-class”, Grand Marina Saigon uses architecture way being meticulously invested in living space; maximizing the harmony between people and nature; concurrently enhancing the high-class service quality with the Goal that every resident’s Living Moment is a perfect experience.

Due to the talented hands of people, they have created a living environment in harmony with nature; residents can relax and enjoy life and in order that all senses are awakened.

JW Marriott offers the perfect services, delicately designed according to strict standards; making residents feel extremely comfortable


The average price of a Grand Marina Saigon apartment is around 15,000 to 20,000 USD/m2. Specifically, a 1-bedroom apartment costs from 17 to 20 billion VND, a 2-bedroom apartment costs from 25 to 30 billion VND, a 3-bedroom apartment costs from 35 to 55 billion VND, and a 4-bedroom apartment costs around 86 to 100 billion VND.

At present, Grand Marina Saigon, the world’s largest luxury apartment complex under the Marriott brand, has emerged in Saigon, Vietnam, and is currently drawing a lot of attention:

  • Price range: 15,000 – 20,000 USD per square meter.
  • Free 36 months management fee
  • Receive a complimentary Marriott Bonvoy Platinum/Gold Elite membership card.
  • Booking method: 500,000,000 VND/booking


1. Early Payment: Up to 20% discount
+ Phase 1: 10% – 14 days after booking
+ Phase 2: 90% – 30 days after Phase 1
+ 36 months management fee waived

2. Early Payment + Lease Commitment: Additional 11% discount
+ Payment schedule as in Option (1)
+ Lease Commitment 12 months + 12 months
+ Fully furnished with Marriott-standard movable furniture, ready for immediate rental.
+ 36 months management fee waived

3. Loan Payment + Additional 10% discount
+ Phase 1: Pay 10% within 14 days after Booking
+ Phase 2: Bank disburses 70% within 30 days after Phase 1
+ Phase 2: Pay 10% of own capital within 45 days after Phase 1
+ Phase 3: Pay 10%
+ The investor supports the loan package with interest until 30/06/2025 and principal deferment until 31/12/2025.
+ 36 months management fee waived

4. Loan Payment + Lease Commitment
+ Payment schedule as in Option (3)
+ Lease Commitment details as in Option (2)
+ 36 months management fee waived

5. Flexible Payment + Additional 10% discount
+ Phase 1: Pay 10% within 14 days after Booking
+ Phase 2: Pay 10% within 45 days after Phase 1
+ Phase 3: Pay 10% within 45 days after Phase 2, upon home handover
+ Phases 4 – 10: Pay 10% within 120 days after the previous Phase
+ 36 months management fee waived

6. Flexible Payment + Lease Commitment
+ Payment schedule as in Option (5)
+ Lease Commitment details as in Option (2)
+ 36 months management fee waived

7. 100% Home for Home Loan Payment, applicable only to 3-bedroom units & Dual Key units
+ 30% loan package – Other assets: Supported with interest until 31/12/2024, principal deferment until 31/12/2025.
+ 70% loan package: Principal deferment, interest until 31/12/2025.
+ 36 months management fee waived

Payment by own capital:

  • Option 1: Early payment, 2%+7% discount;
  • Option 2: Standard payment (in 9 installments), 2% discount.

Payment by bank loan

  • Borrow up to a maximum of 70% of the apartment purchase contract value;
  • Support 0% interest rate for up to 18 months from the disbursement date, but no later than 31/08/2024.

Preferential policies, promotions, discounts

  • Daily Sales policy:
    • 1% discount;
    • An additional 1% discount for successful transactions made 14 days after selecting the unit and making the first payment of 10% on time.
  • 36 months of management fee support;
  • Exclusive parking space ownership for 3-bedroom units and above;
  • Ownership of a Marriot Bonvoy Platinum Elite membership card.

For details, please see the file: here

Special rental support policy for Lake Tower up to 24 months, applicable from October 30, 2023, to November 31, 2023:

  • C1 bedroom apartment: $3,500/month
  • C1+ bedroom apartment: $3,800/month
  • C2 bedroom apartment: $5,000/month
  • C3 bedroom apartment & Dual Key: $8,500/month



Beginning the new year of 2024 with full energy, the construction site of the Grand Marina, Saigon luxury real estate complex has resumed enthusiastically.


Following the milestone of the three towers: SEA, Cove, and Lagoon, all have had their topping-out ceremony. Currently, the completion work for the exteriors including glass cladding, balcony glass, and LED lighting systems are being continuously accelerated and nearing 100% completion according to the design.

In addition, the SEA Tower is undergoing interior completion in the apartment area and the apartment corridor lobby.

Furthermore, the riverside park of Ba Son Square is being planted with trees, soon to be open for Grand Marina, Saigon residents to stroll and enjoy family time during the sunset.


Located on the heritage land of Ba Son along the Saigon River, Marina Central Tower, an A-grade office tower and commercial center, is “reaching for the sky” to become a new symbol of the city.

At the current moment, the tower has achieved 88% progress in structural construction. Additionally, the facade completion progress has reached about 58% of the overall progress, with glass installation up to the 33rd floor.